Sunday, January 8, 2017

Too Early for Valentines Day?

Hello!!  Ever look at a calendar and say "Wow it's still ____________?  I usually say "Wow time is flying"  But today I looked at the calendar and said."it's only January 8th?"!  I swear it feels like it's been January forever.  It's been super cold in my neck of the woods.  Sub zero with windchill around -19.  The grandkids have been restless so this weekend we had a craft day.  They decorated my chandelier for Valentines Day and made a Valentine mobile.  We will decorate the mantle later this week.  May as well enjoy the holiday!  My granddaughter informed me that the red Christmas placements just won't work as the red for Valentines day!  I guess the red plaid is just a bit too Christmasy so we are going to try and find a runner maybe for Valentines Day.  That girl had to be stopped!!!  She wanted to plaster red hearts all over my walls and windows.  She definitely has the crafting fever!  LOL  
Here are the projects of the day:

Hopefully this will satisfy her crafting urges for a while and maybe I can get back on track with cards.  So check back again later and hopefully I'll have a new card for you.
Til then stay warm and................................


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Year End Round Up #2

Hi!!!  Well another day in the craft room and a few more forgotten things found.  Funny but I'm still not done cleaning!  Every notice how distracted you get in your craft room?  I start trying to sort and organize and then BAM!!!  I start punching out some labels or flowers or hearts etc. just so I don't have to throw out that little tiny scrap of purple polka dot paper or what ever scrap!  I just can't help myself!  I'm cleaning and then all of a sudden I say "Hey wait..... I bet Laura at the nursing home would like some of this!" and then there I go again....distracted!  At this rate I seriously believe that it will take me a month to clean up the mess I made 4 months ago(sigh).
Anyway on to what I found.  First a couple Christmas cards that I totally forgot about.  Both of these were not my design but rather ones I made in my card group.  Both totally cute and now I'm sad they didn't make it in the mail this year.  For sure they will make it next year because they are finally being put in the Christmas card box where all my finished cards should be!

Another 2 Christmas ones found had some issues that I needed to address and never did. first up the snowman card.  This was also done in our group.  It was actually from a kit that one of the ladies brought and was super super simple.  Although I liked it, I had wanted to add a bit more to it.  It needed some sort of sentiment on the front and maybe a little bling but of course I didn't get to it and it never made it into the Christmas card box. 

 Neither did the other one here.  This Card had some issues.....First the die cut weird...see the little white spots in the corners when the card is closed.  That is not suppose to be there.  Second I hated the paper!  It cracked on the folds.  Now as for the Stamp???  I loved the Old lady!!  I only kept this card as a reminder to try it again.

Next I found 2 Birthday cards......Why these didn't make it into the finish box is beyond me!  LOL  Guess it's another case of "I'm too lazy to reach up on the shelf for the box"!  The one on the left is an Anna Griffin inspired.  Both of these were made in my group.   Hmmmm.....starting to see a pattern here!  LOL  Seems group cards are not making it into the box.  What's up with that!!!
Then there's this one.....cute cute cute idea but............................never completed.  Its a baby card that looks like a dresser.  Definitely needs more something.  I did this in the group too.  One of the other ladies brought in the supplies and I must have been too busy talking to actually finish it.  See I told you a Pattern!
And now just in time for Valentines day I find this one..................and...................I don't like it!  TOO MUCH RED.  This card really has to be toned down a bit.  Although I love love love the stamp.  That little hedgehog is so darn cute and I love his guitar!  Going to do a "do over" on this one for sure.  I should have colored the stamp too.  heehee would think this should be enough right?????  Well................So far I have managed to fill this basket with a ton of leftover card kits I had made for our group and the nursing home! 

 A good percentage of them are Christmas cards.  I guess I have a New Years goal after all and that is to complete or give away every last card in this basket!  I'm pretty sure each one of the bags in there have all the pieces for making at least 1 full card.  Most I believe have multiple cards in the bag.             Hmmmmm..............................maybe I'll do a blog give-a-way!  I'm going to have to think this through so keep checking out my blog for updates!

Til later............

Sunday, January 1, 2017

End Of Year Round Up

Happy New Year!!!  Time for a fresh clean start and in order to do that we have to clear out the old.  I'm doing that by gathering all the previous un-finished cards lying around the craft room, get them posted and box them up.  This way I can be completely fresh as I go into this New Year Crafting.  Hopefully I will finish all my projects this year and maybe even start on some of the kits I purchased during the year that just got put into closets!  LOL  I think we've all done that at one time or another.  So lets start the round up!!
First I have 2 cards here made with the same die.  I have bought some of the Anna Griffin dies and in order to get the paper out of the die I always run it through the machine with wax paper.  Decided to actually use the wax paper and here's what I go.  Card on left is wax paper frame and the one on the right is the actual die out of paper.
The card on the left is an everyday card and the right one is a Christmas card.  I really need to start using more of the Anna Griffin dies I have.  I think I have 12 of the big ones.  They make bigger cards.  The two above are 5x7.

Next is another 5x7.  This card has quite a variety of items used by various vendors.  First the base is card stock from Stampin up.  Then the first layer (the dark blue squares) is from Heartfelt Creations.  So are the flowers and the stamped peacock.  The white layer is from Anna Griffin. 

Next up a couple of tags.   Awhile ago I posted a card I think I called a Sunflower Note.  I really loved that card and had scraps so I made a matching tag using the same techniques. Still having some scraps I made another tag but just a slightly different floral stamp.  I love these yellow colors!  It reminds me of the end of summer but before fall comes.
I would love to make a few more of these but with different colors.  Like maybe a sea foam green, or coral.  Sometimes I just prefer to have a tag on a gift instead of an actual Birthday or Thank you card so having some of these would be a good idea to have around.

Well that's all I found so far after 3 hours of cleaning up.  Yep it's that messy and dis-organized!!  I still have alot of work to get this room cleaned up.  Maybe I'll find a few more cards or tags in this mess!

Til next time...............


Friday, December 30, 2016

A Christmas Carole Accordion

As the New Year approaches I'm trying to get out all of my current card projects so that I may work on all new stuff during the New Year.  That's not to say that I will be able to accomplish that....just that I'm going to try.  I have odds and ends projects all over the place and some I'm not even sure if I had posted already so I'm really hoping that I will not be "Duping" anything.  LOL
So....lets start with this one.  I know I haven't posted it yet because the first time I took a picture was today to send off to a brand new friend.  Just a little background before I jump into this.  She saw a post I made on Splitcoast Stamper and private messaged me.  She was originally from my state and just thought it was a good idea to reach out on a personal level.  I am so glad she did.  We have been having so much fun describing our lives, our likes and dislikes.  We have become Old Fashioned Pen Pals!  Ok maybe Keyboard Pals!  LOL  But for sure we will be using the US Snail Mail too!  There is a strong bond among strangers.  So if your ever down on life just remember my little story about 2 people becoming friends from miles away and know that good does exist.  And Now...........on to the card!!  

As I said it's an accordion card and it measures 4x6 closed and 4 x 24 fully opened.  I used the Graphic 45 collection A Christmas Story.  Here it is closed.
Here it is opened.  Not sure if you call this the front side or inside.  The first page has a little pocket that I added my grandkids Christmas picture to.  The third section also has a pocket and I just added a couple tags.  I love the Tiny Tim one!
One the back side or outside, we start with a postcard.  Though this one is not written on it was put there for me to write our   "To and From" on.  This way I'm not messing up any of the pages signing the card.  Hmmm...looks like you can't see the post card very well.  I'll take another pic of the back of the accordion closed.
The 3rd section also has a pocket where I was able to slip a family picture my son had done for their Christmas pictures.
Ok here we go this is the accordion closed and the back side.

Well I'm off to find other projects so until next time...........................................


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Mini Album

Remember awhile back I shared with you my Interactive Halloween Book seen HERE.  Well I had also made some Christmas ones but couldn't show them to you because they were gifts.  Now that the holidays are over I can share.
A bit more involved than the Halloween one, this one has lots of pages for holiday photos.
Soooo......lets start the view...............

Here's the front
 This book has alot of flip pages where the book just keeps expanding to the right after you open the first page.
open 1st page to the left
 When first opened we have a gate door on left that when opened you can place a photo here.  The bottom pocket holds little tags that you can adhere photos to the back.  On the blue page (on right) we have 2 flaps.  when opened you can put 2 pictures inside.  Now take that blue page and flip it open again to the right.
 Here on the right we have a 4 flip waterfall.  Flipping each one up to expose more photos.  Then on the right that page has a place for a photo on top of the little decorative square on the top left corner.  The bottom right corner is a little spot for journeling a Christmas list.  Now flip the right page again to the right.

This shows the middle section having 2 more flaps for more photos and on the right is a "Book in the Book"  This has 6 more pages for photos.  Some of those pages have tags where you could do some journeling.

The photo below shows the entire unfolded inside of the book.

And here above is the entire outside of the book unfolded.  I believe this little album can hold about 22 photos!!  That's pretty good for something that is only a few pages and measures about 8.5" x 5.5"
Oops for got a photo.  Here's the book within the book. You can see the little pocket on the left with a tag for journeling and I think the rest are just pages for adding the pictures.
Any way this one went to my sister and she loved it!  I made another one in Graphic 45 Papers the St Nicholas collection which I gave away before pictures and I made one for myself with the Night before Christmas collection which is not totally completed yet.  Will I make another???  Absolutely!!!  These are so much fun....time consuming but fun.

If I ever finish my other one I'll share but until next time......................


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gift wrap time

Quick stop in to share a little idea I had for this years wrapping.  So many of us use those paper gift bags for wrapping.  I agree they are convenient.  Especially for large items like coats, or certain toys like trucks that just don't wrap right.  This year I have been shopping with more and more of the re-usable bags when going to the grocery store.  I got so tired of always having a ton of plastic bag laying around the house.  Now some store bags are not pretty.  They are made of some sort of weird material that kind of feels like gauze.  But other stores have these GREAT, colorful, very sturdy bags.  For example Trader Joe's.  I bought a couple of their bags a few years ago and LOVE them.  They hold alot and are pretty.  Another place near me is the Fresh Market.  Their bags are also very pretty.  During the holidays I usually always end up buying a few gift bags for gifts but this year I decided to get the re-usable shopping bags.  This way the recipient gets a gift with the gift!  Cleaver right????  And as fate would have it Trader Joe's came out with brand new designs on their bags!!!  Yay for me!!  Since I usually spend around $1.99 for those paper gift bags, seeing that these Trader Joe ones were only 99 cents made me extremely happy!  Here's what I got:
Now this is just the one side...The picture is different on the reverse side as will as the sides when you open them!  So awesome.
So this year when people use their gift that the gift was bagged in I hope they think of me and say "Wow this was a great idea".
That's it for now.........I highly suggest you run out now to your local stores and take a peek at what they have to offer in the way of re-usable bags. Its a gift that will keep on giving.  The environment will like it too.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Quickie Little Gifts

OMG...I'm so sorry...this is another late post but written a week ago.  I couldn't find the finished product for a picture.  I probably already gave it away so I quickly made another 2 so I could photograph them.  LOL  Another senior moment or the Christmas season is getting the best of me!

So it's very cold here and the snow we got last Sunday it still here. It was the first measurable snow this season.   Funny the weathermen kept saying that my area would be getting about 2.5" and we ended up with close to 7"!!  I don't think many were prepared.  I still need to go get some salt because we didn't have much left.  There is also a cold snap heading our way.  I guess it's about time winter arrived.  We have been pretty luck with the most awesome fall!  Beautiful weather right through November! A new storm is brewing for the weekend.
With a cold front coming and me being one who would rather stay in, I decided to make little gifts for those who need to be out in this weather.  Whether be a Mail deliverer (like my PC??  LOL) or just people in general who must go to work.  So I'm making little packet covers for a tea bag.  I mean who doesn't like to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea?  Ok maybe some of you don't like tea but this could work for hot cocoa too!
Here's what you'll need:  
1  12x12 double sided DSP
1/4" score tape
scrap white, red or green card stock
Sentiment stamp of choice
corner rounder
2", 1 3/4" and 1 " circle punch
Label punch
From 1 sheet of paper you will get 3 tea folders.  Cut you 12x12 into 3 strips measuring 3 3/4" x 9 3/4".  Save scraps you will need them.  Next score each strip at 3 1/4" on both short sides.  As in below photo. 

 Fold on score lines and on last third cut off top piece to form triangle pocket.  (see above Photo)

Use score tape on bottom of triangle and fold inward to form pocket for tea bag.  Now just decorate!  If you want the piece you cut off can be used as a second pocket on the opposite side.  The bottom image shows that the inside has 2 triangle pockets.  Hope its not confusing.  
If you don't have any double sided DSP use what you have.  Fold the paper with printed side on inside and then cut 3x31/2 pieces of coordinating print and glue to white side of paper.  Example of that is in photo below.

Slip your tea bag into the pocket and your done.  Great little thing to give to bus drivers too.
I think I may have the grand kids make a few of these to give out and I'll make some for my D.I.L. to hand out at the school she teaches at.  After all the janitors should get a little something and the other teachers just might find one in their mail slots!

Have fun and til next time...........................