Saturday, February 4, 2017

Valentines for Little Valentines

Hello!!  Still cold here and no sun here today!  We had a couple days of brightness but its back to gloomy skies while we wait for some sort of rain to move in.  Maybe even a dusting of snow if it gets cold enough.   To help me through all this gloom I've been working on sunny and bright.  With all the reds, pinks, and whites of Valentines it sure has been bright!  I had worked on cards for the older grandkids and grand nieces and nephews earlier.  They are posted under A Scenic Valentine.  But I have some pretty youngsters too and they would probably just tear apart those cards so something simpler was in order for them.

A friend of mine just bought a new card die from Stephanie Barnard.  Actually not new to the line of Stephanie but new to my friend!  LOL its the Square Stand Up card.  My goodness that set comes with a lot and I mean ALOT of tiny pieces!!  The whole set has a total of 28 pieces. 
 Thank goodness I only wanted to use the 3 big ones because surely I would lose at least ONE
 (yeah probably more😉)  You can find her die HEREl
I simplified it into Valentines for the little ones that their siblings would enjoy showing them.  
Not my best work but by far the quickest.  Die cut everything then glue, glue, glue.  And you know what a little one is going to do the minute the not too much older sibling shows it to them.....wrinkle, tear, possibly eat if not caught fast enough!  LOL
Ooops..........did you catch my boo boo in my cards?  I think I'll not mention and see if any of you notice.  If so please leave a comment.  I won't be offended.  In fact I'm laughing at my own stupidity!😉😉😉
Now to start working on some adult Valentines....I need one for the Hubby and I suppose my Son and his wife since they will be here for dinner that night. to the craft room!  I have some idea's to work on.
Til next time................



Hello!!  What a sunny day we have here and boy we had been missing the sunshine!  We actually only had 7 days in the entire month of January that had peeks of Sun!  That is horrible!😞😞 Our first 3 days of February have been SUNNY!  Yay....but really cold!  Guess you can't have everything.
So last night I got together with 2 of my carding Gals to a fun night of crafting.  Originally one of them had planned a Christmas card, and I brought things to make a few more Valentines and the other had some Christmas cards too.  OK well she had partial Christmas cards.  She brought bases and the 1st layer of DSP. For 5 different cards for each of us!  It kind of felt like I was on the cooking show "Chopped"!  "Here's you card base in green and a piece of DSP....your time starts........ "Now"!  LOL!  I had to do this 5 different times and using items not in my craft room but in someone else's with supplies they have.  Well I did the best I could and this is what we all ended up with.

As you can see everything is basically in the same color family.  I'm not sure what is cherry cobbler and what is real red or what is jellybean green.  I am not Stampin Up educated.  I never really learned the names of the colors so I can't really help you decipher what color is on what card....sorry.  I think any red or any green will work just fine.  Go for colors you like.  Go for simplicity.  Less is more in some cases and with these cards there will be no extra postage needed and that's a big plus!

Well that's all for now....check back later for some New Valentines.  Some for the kids and some Shabby Chic!  My fave!

Til next time


Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine Sampler

Hello Monday!!!  Today is just a little share.  Over the weekend my ladies group got together and we put together our Valentine samplers.  For those who don't know the story of how we started this I'll fill you in.  It all started with our friend June giving us a Christmas Sampler framed in an 8x8 shadow box as a Christmas present in 2015.  During the year of 2016 we made, St Patty's day, Easter, Patriotic, Halloween, and Fall.  So last Friday we did our Valentines one.  These are so cute and so much fun to make.  I would like to be able to make a bigger shadow box and maybe have 1 square dedicated to each holiday of the year.  Right now we switch out our samplers as the times change but if I made a larger one with One of everything I could leave it up all year long.  I'm not sure if the ladies would like to do this but if so it would be a fun project.  Anyway here it is:

I've got supplies lines up for a 5x7 shadow box to do with my grand-daughter tonight.  I can't wait to see how hers turns out.
Til Next Time


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Birthday card for Cindy

Hello..............Is it snowing by you???  We have a few little flurries here but it has been a winter of little snow.  But boy oh boy has it been cold and we have only seen peeks of the sun for 5 days during the entire month of January!!  Today will be a good day to stay inside and maybe work on more cards!  But first Today's Card!

I love the look of Anna Griffin cards.  Last year I signed up for auto ship on HSN of Anna Griffin dies.  I seemed to be so busy with other stuff that I never really got around to using them.  Then this year started and January had my friends Junes' birthday and I pulled out those dies and made her a card.  Loved it.  Now it's Cindys' birthday and she Loves Anna Griffin too so I just had to make her a special Anna inspired card.  

I guess I needed a little sunshine because for this card I went right for my K&COMPANY paper pad of the Susan Wingets design.  The sheet I choose paired beautifully with the golden color shimmer paper I had in my stash.  My little bow was made with a pretty yellow sheer ribbon I got from the Dollar Tree.  I added just little bits of bling. I think it turned out just lovely!  

My Nieces birthday is coming up this March so I think I'll make another Anna inspired card for her.  Right now though I have some more Valentines Day cards to get done so I think that will be today's plan.  That and making a nice pot of soup to warm my bones!!

Til next time........................


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Easel Card

Today I made a  Center Easel card.  For me it's a new card fold.  Others may have already seen this but not me.  I was on You-Tube (as always..LOL) and was checking out Dawns Stamping Thoughts and she was showing the Center Easel card.  I realized this was a way to use up every tiny scrap I had from my Graphic 45 papers left over from Christmas projects.  I just can't seem to throw away even the tiniest of pieces.  I just love the Christmas line.  So I decided to give it a try. easy...quick and cute!
Then I decided what the heck I need a belated Birthday card so I made this one.
Then what the heck I also needed a get well card for an elderly (93) woman I know so I increased the card size to a 5.5 x 8.5.  You know how those elderly eyes are (LOL).
I know I will be making this card over and over and over again.  In fact I'm meeting up with my carding friends this Friday night and I even put together kits of this card for us to make.  And you know what?????  I still have alot of my Graphic 45 Christmas collection scraps!
Here's a link to Dawn's video if your interested.          HERE             Till next time...........


Monday, January 23, 2017


Hello!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I spent it mostly in the craft room.  Today I have a few quickie Valentines to share.  I originally designed these for the nursing home but I'm not sure if the project will take place as we have a different project for them to do this week.  Maybe the grandkids will want to make these and like I said they are quite easy.

I started with just basic pink card and embossed the fronts with different folders.  On 3 of them I stamped little red hearts added die cuts "Love" and a little ribbon or stickles.  The 4th one I added the doily and made a tiny envelope with a little greeting in it.  Super simple.
Today's post is quite short but that's what happens with super simple!  LOL  Back to craft room today as I need a get well card for a 93 yr old.  Hmmmmm...what to do?
See you next time!


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pocket Cards

While on the Internet I noticed that there are a few You Tube videos that have shown up in my stuff.  The videos are all on Pocket Pages.  I didn't even know what a pocket page was so of course I had to investigate.  Well I tried.......but no one really said what you actually do with these pages.  I get it that you mail them to other people with little "Do Dads" and that some are actually themed but........................  What do you do with it when you receive it?  Ok obviously you can use the "Do Dads" but then what?  Do you make a special album to hold these pocket pages or do you reuse the pockets and send to someone else?  Just didn't make sense to me.
So I liked the concept of sending someone little "Do Dads" and I decided that instead of a "Pocket Page" I'd make a "Pocket Card".  Concept is kinda of the same.  Then again since I don't understand Pocket Pages maybe this is NOT the same concept.  LOL
So I started with a book type Z fold card.  As far as I know I made the template myself as I have not seen anything on line like this but if you did it first please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.  I started out with 2 pieces of card stock measuring 8.5" x 7.5".  Then on the long side I scored at 3.75",  4.25"  and  8" on both pieces. I glued the end 1/2" of both pieces and formed a Z fold type of card.

DSP was used on each panel measuring 3.5 x 7.25.  You need 8 pieces of this size and 6 pieces .25 x 7.25" for the little spines.  Then just make coordinating pockets or matchbooks or what ever can hold a "Do Dad".    Here's the finished project.  I added a few dangling beads just for pizazz!  LOL

I made some tiny bows and taped them to some acetate and clipped it to the border trim using tiny clothespins.  A small pocket holds a few fibers.  Some Washi in a match book and Swirl die cuts in a flip up are all on the inside.  For the outside I made a large side pocket to hold a small bag of buttons and then there is an envelope pocket with more die cuts and a few tags tucked behind the envelope.
So I decided to send this to a new friend.  This was so much fun and I know I will make more.  If I was smart I wouldn't have told my friend June about it because I could have made one for her.  Maybe next idea!  Kind of wish I didn't have to send it but I know Linda will appreciate it.  Til next time...